Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thanksgiving, A New Year 2013

   Party like it's 2013, O' wait, it is! I worked New Years Eve and so after four days of work, I was absolutely bushed! I slept the new year in. I have been off since and haven't accomplished much, except a few runs. January 2, Jimmy and I did a 6 mile run at Melton Lake Park. It was so cold. I however, prefer to run outside. I just can't stomach the treadmill much.
  Today feels like a Harry Potter kind of day. So the 1st movie is in. It is 39* outside and seems like about that inside! Minnie has made her some hot chocolate, while Chey is spending the day in her room after being dishonest.
   I have been very slack at  "blogging", and besides, my husband I'm not sure anyone out in cyberspace read my words. I live a pretty tame life, that most would think as boring, repetitive. It is a good life that I live. I am blessed by The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Jimmy tells me to be raw, however, I want this blog to be positive and inspiring. Raw, to me would be all the nitty gritty let out. Mind you, I am human and erred as well with mistakes and regrets a plenty. I have a God given grace and redemption.