Monday, August 6, 2012

Entering August....

So we once again find ourselves in August, and I haven't blogged anything since, what, April- I think. Yesterday, August 5, was my Honey's birthday.  I didn't prepare as well this year for his birthday. He is a hard man to buy for... He is hard to fit with shoes and clothes. Diffidently has to pick that out himself. The things I'd really like to splurge on for him is costly so that kinda doesn't happen often. We did go out to eat at our favorite restaurant- Carrabba's!!  The girls got him a CD of Mercy Me and I got his cologne.....and our time together.......He's wonderful!!
  We visited Jim's mom and step dad at the end of July in Indiana. Zeke went with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and Geri's cooking. Geri is such a wonderful woman!!
 My girls are home from the summer with their father. School starts in 2 days. Chey is a FRESHMAN- can we say Oh My Goodness.....and Boo is in 7th grade. So both at different schools again. Ash turned 19 this summer.  And poor poor Zeke, had to have an appendectomy as well as have his wisdom teeth pulled under anesthesia. He's had a heck of a summer.

  While they have been away I have managed to tackle a few projects around here; hung curtain rods in front room, painted the dining room and porch posts, cut all the pieces for Chey's quilt and a few other things.....But not enough...Poor time management, actually. Well, another project for me to work on.......
 I will sign off for now, that is enough of an update.