Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Busy Life!

'Tis the season, that life gets so busy. My resolve to blog weekly has fell by the wayside. It has been a couple of months now. In November, Cheyenne, Jessica and my Mother have birthdays. So on saturday,Nov. 13, my parents, sister and her children came to Tn. We celebrated everyone's birthday with chili and birthday cake. Immensely enjoyed each others company and went shopping. The girls grabbed up treats from Aeropostle`.
  I worked Thanksgiving day,so we enjoyed thanksgiving dinner with our close friends that following sunday. Our bounty included an assortment of vegetables, bread, desserts and a 22lb Turkey. Jimmy deboned the turkey for me, which is a lot harder than it looks on the Food Network. Everything was very tasty and the company was grand. We are all very blessed.
  Christmas day, Jimmy and I  woke up to a layer of white. We drove to North Carolina to celebrate with our family. Spent time with Mom and Dad,my three girls, Tina and her children. Doug was the only member missing. He was out on call working for the NCDOT, trying to keep the roads safe and clear.
  New Years day was celebrated at home with our little family. We watched the ball drop with Dick Clarke's special. Christmas and New Year's have came and went. And now, we are in the throes of winter.
  It snowed yesterday, so school was canceled again, much to Minnie's dismay.  Time will only tell what else the New Year of 2011 will bring.  I pray, Many Blessings for all my Family and Friends!!