Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 So I am experimenting with adding photos. The top photo is of the actual soup that my husband loves. This recipe is from the Weight Watchers Momentum cookbook. The best part of this is it is ZERO points, plus it is very versatile.

My Mother is not a cook. So I did not grow up with the benefit of learning how to plan a menu and cook accordingly. So I have a couple of goals to accomplish by the end of summer.
 1) Learn how to menu plan.
 2) Save money by menu planning.
 3) Utilize the coupon and local sales to facilitate these goals!
                                                                 4) Eat healthier and cleaner.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Total New Year

So I haven't done very well with the blog thing. : ( Life gets busy and in the way. Between work, children, exercising, and wasting tons of time with facebook and my new obsession Pinterest and Polyvore!! I just haven't. Plus I wonder what it is that would be interesting to write about. I am a jack of trades while a master of none. I don't know if I have A.D.D.  or what. My focus is only getting worse as I get older.....squirrel!! So I'm gonna try again.
 So to recap 2011~ I am still working at MMC. This February makes 5 years. The girls are both in middle school. Jimmy is still at Cornerstone, though his position has changed. I have read several books this year. Boo started playing basketball. Chey is attending modeling classes.  The year has been very disorganized and disjointed- birthday cards late, decrease in church visits, sinus infections, injured hamstring, nontraditional thanksgiving dinner and Christmas. However, we did provide a very big Christmas for the girls.
 Now we are into 2012! We are wonderfully and graciously blessed. Both Jim and I have signed up for the Knoxville 1/2 marathon in April. So we are training for that, this past week however~ we haven't trained very well. Jim has injured his left shoulder/neck area. So he has been seeing a chiropractor. I do believe my sinuses will be the death of me. Makes me feel all blah. As well as the running, we have been doing the P90X again.
  Also for diet control, we have been trying to eat better utilizing Weight Watchers. One of the recipes that Jimmy loves is the vegetable soup. So I have fixed it many times for him. On valentines day, I fixed another WW recipe of  Slow Cooker Tuscan Soup. Man, did it taste good. (If I can figure out how to load pics, I will show both soups.)