Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have spent April 2-4, recuperating from my half marathon on Sunday and then it was time to go back to work. My husband and I run Covenant Healths Marathon every year or try too. Our runs have been between 5k and the full marathon.  We missed the first year, but ran the second. I did the 5k and Jimmy ran the 1/2 Marathon. I missed out on last year's run due to a hamstring injury. It is awesome running across the 50 yard line in Neyland Stadium.  I am quite proud of my time after poor training and the hamstring injury. It was 2 hrs 22 min and 13 sec. I will take it.
 So the marathon is done and over with. I am still struggling with my eating habits, still trying to balance my workout regimens, my family, work, and self-time. Not to mention household stuff.... I have so many projects started and unfinished. I have very romantic ideas of being a DIY'er and yet a huge trait of procrastination!   Menu planning, another project.So I have picked out some recipes in the cookbook- for menu plans- but the hitch is; purchasing the ingredients and actually cooking.
Even though I regularly exercise: ie; running, beginning  bicycling and P90X'ing. It isn't consistent. Most of the time, I feel like I am burning a candle at both ends. Since the marathon is done, Jimmy wants to do P90X again. The problem is neither of us has figured out the diet to go with it. So that it is truly effective. Plus with the intense 3 month program, throwing a full scale running program on top of that ='s burn I'm afraid.
 Plus, I really need to do something to improve my marketability in Nursing. I love ER nursing, I think it is my niche. What to do, what to do.............