Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Resolutions, Back To The Schedule

 January 8, 2013
Today, the girls go back to school. They have not attended school since December 20, 2012. And they are not morning people!! So in a few short minutes, I will have the house to myself, and Buddy, of course.

I was/am a goal oriented person, though I never really made New Year's Resolutions per say. I was reading #Pioneer Woman/Ree Drummond's blog the other day and started thinking of what I would like to accomplish for 2013.
1) Make sure that God is first in myself, my marriage and my children.
2) Read the whole Bible in a year, not just parts of it. (Jimmy and I are reading together, The One Year Chronological Bible together)
3) Make sure that my Hubby and girls know that I love them to the moon and beyond!!
4) Count my blessings....Reread One Thousand Gifts......
5) Began "CLEAN" eating
6) Be more consistent with my exercise...running and weights
7) Learn to be a better cook, meal planner....
8) Become Debt free, well at least all but the mortgage.
9) Save more money
10)FINISH my MANY PROJECTS that I have floating around.....
11) Declutter... Vague I know, but I need to... Downstairs closet, shelves, kitchen cubbards, Master closet, kid's closet...Really, they don't wear half what they have!!

So here's to another Blessed Year!! Thank You God!!