Friday, January 18, 2013

I Have A Confession!

     I have a confession to make: I love catalogs, magazines, recipes, cookbooks and books!! My Grandmother was very influential in my life. Minnie Ruth F. Queen, a very wise woman that had a strong faith in God, and the backbone of our family. She was a woman that read everything she could get her hands on. She loved to cook and try new recipes. Even though her family was one picky bunch. She loved to travel, but never had the chance to travel abroad. My Grandmother was a LPN and supported me through out my college endeavors to become a RN.
     I believe my Love for catalogs and all reading materials began with a copy of 1900's Sears and Roebuck. As a little girl, Gran and I would sit at the kitchen table and pour through that book. We would laugh and discuss the fashions of the time, ooh and awwh at the furniture and kitchen ware. Spin a fantasy of how we would decorate our home with the furnishings.
    I miss my Grandma! She passed away 13 years ago in January, of a stroke. Things happen daily and I think I need to talk with Gran. Grief washes over me anew.