Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Peaks and Valleys

 So my perpetual life has been in motion with different peaks and valleys. I worked last thurs-sun this past weekend. Saturday,though, I had the BIGGEST scare of my life. Around noon, I sat down for lunch with a Lean Cuisine Turkey dinner. I got choked. I mean, honest to goodness, choked by a piece of meat. I could not cough it up. I could not swallow it. I could barely breathe. No one was in the breakroom. So I walked down the hall toward the nurses station. It took a few seconds, Dr. P figured out what was going on. I had the Heimlich maneuver preformed, which did not remove it. However, it did move so that I could breathe a little better. An IV was placed and they gave me a medicine called versed. It knocked me out and the meat was removed. That was the end of my work day and one of the scariest things to happen to me, EVER. On Sunday, I received a ton of ribbing and disbelief that I was even at work.
  Hubs and I slept in on Monday. It is a grand feeling. I was wore out, after my weekend. Jimmy is nursing a R hip injury from running. Then my eldest child called at 0800. And then arrived 2 hours later. So it was then time for food, and we headed to IHOP. Love their Swedish crepes. I know, so bad. It was a terribly cold day in East Tennessee. Snow flurries all day long, without any accumulation.
  Tuesday was NOT any warmer. Ash slept in, while Jimmy and I traveled to Wal-mart for grocerys and oil for 3 vehicles. Jimmy changed the oil in all of our vehicles and Ash's too. After all that hard work, I sent him for a massage. While he was there, Ash and I window shopped at Barnes and Nobles, Trader Joe and Toys "R" Us. Finished off our evening at Five Guys and Fries, before Ash headed back to NC.

  Today, while Jimmy was at work, I tried a Williams Sonoma recipe for English Scones. I slathered them with Strawberry Perserves. Yummy. Not very good cold though. Recipe can be found here:

All this just random events in my crazy life.....more to come later. Tata for now!