Thursday, March 21, 2013

On the Second Day of Spring

Yesterday being the first day of spring- was cool and breezy. Jimmy and I slept in until 1000. I had been up and down with Darby since 0600. But it felt good to just rest. We chilled until I had to leave for PALS part 2. Once I got home, we curled up on the couch and watched "The Hobbit". LOVE IT!!

We had a good night with the baby. Currently, we are crate and potty training him.Three nights out of five, he slept well.  When he whined with lights out, we placed  Darby's crate downstairs so he could whine at his content. Darby is doing fairly well with the potty training. Just a few accidents. He truly is a handful.

On Tues, I took Chey and her friend shopping at Turkey Creek. She had $$ that she couldn't wait to spend at Aeropostle. She got her aviator glasses and a cute tank top. Then they window shopped.

I walked around by myself, because it's just not cool for a teen to be seen with her mom. I love World Market, but I was able to walk out of there without spending a dime. It was SO hard!!

Today was 25* when I went into work this morning....Ya'll I am so ready for WARMTH! We had a busy day in the ER and I am gonna sign off and hit the bed. Three more days to go.