Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rejoice, herald in March

So on Wednesday night, I tried the 2nd recipe from Weeknights with Giada. You can find it here: I am notorious for altering recipes and of course, I did. What do you do when you don't have everything?? You substitute. I left off the yogurt sauce, because Hubsie ate the yogurt. He isn't a big fan of salmon patties, but approved of these. I think the capers helped. My picky child Boobug, even ok'd them. Cheybug loves salmon, so she approved!

Wednesday night, I even caught a Pioneer Woman rerun on Food Network. I have only seen bits here and there, but I follow her blog. I love her personality and recipes. 

Tonight is Day light savings time!! Preparing for tomorrow,  day four of another 12hr shift. Today though was steady and busy, but not drown you busy... I even managed to drink 4 bottles of water. Yay. I still have not had any Diet Coke or cola in 20 days!! Booyah, for me. Another 20 and hopefully I will not have any inkling to consume the corroding substance!! 

This week is gonna be BUSY... Monday 10 mile long run, Tues-Wens  work, Thurs...skills day at work, plus I've got to get 12 core studys done for PALS. Which I will be doing the next wensday. Prayer... Lots and Lots of Prayer for me, PLEASE readers.

                                                      Tata for now, Tammy