Monday, April 1, 2013

God is Good!!

                              I love my Life!
After working on Friday, I took the doglets out for a quick walk. Upon our walk, I found a bright shiny quarter. It is a reminder for 25 blessings from my King, God above.
  1. For being God's child
  2. My life
  3. My Health
  4. My Husband
  5. Hub's health
  6. My Children 
  7. My Children's health
  8. Our home
  9. Our vehicles
  10. Our doggies
  11. Warm Showers
  12. A warm bed
  13. Bluebirds
  14. Sunshine
  15. Pretty Flowers
  16. The four seasons
  17. New clothes
  18. New experiences
  19. Traveling
  20. Dreams
  21. Hope
  22. Faith
  23. Music
  24. Good Food

Easter Sunday, Thank YOU God, for your Son. Dear Lord, I am your daughter. Thank You! Jimmy and I just had a day of rest together, slept in, watched Game of Thrones marathon, then Jimmy ran 8 miles while I rode the bike beside him to cheer him on.

Today, I meet up with a friend of mine, and we ran 5 miles. I have just a week before the race. Whoo hoo!! Here comes a half marathon time..this time I am better trained. I can do this, God gives me strength. During a run, when I feel like I can't run another step, God shows me a bluebird, then my spirit is renewed.
I am catching up on my History Channels series now, The Bible, and when I finish this I will catch up with The Vikings!! Tonight is the start of Baseball...Whohoo!! Time for the boys of summer. 

Update on the Doglets: So it took about 5 days or so, before Buddy came around. Now they play and lay together, eat from the same dish. They are pure entertainment. Still struggling with potty training the puplet. He is took out very often, but still accidents accrue. I don't know how to do it any other way. If anyone has any suggestions, please do share.
                                   Tata for now, Tammy