Monday, April 15, 2013


So to tell you guys the whirlwind of my week, man, I am exhausted. So much has happened since my last post. The week has been a blur. Jimmy and I ran Knoxville's Covenant Health half marathon on Sunday, April 7. We had respectable times; Jimmy ran it in 2hr:6min:14secs, and my time was 2hr:14min:25sec. We'll take it. About the 10th mile, I developed a blister on my right foot. So yeah, I blame my slower time on the blister, and I have a hard time keeping momentum up hills. Jimmy has been babying his right hip after injuring it about 4 wks prior.
 Monday, was a rest day, for sure. We got up late and chilled, then took a long nap in the afternoon. It sure was a pretty day though. Clear, crisp, warm, blue sky, and we missed it. : (
Tuesday morning, I went to work. All was good in my world until.... I got a phone call after 2:00pm. Ashley's grandfather called me. Told me she had been in a bad wreck. They did not know how bad she was, but she had been ejected. Ok, stomach hit the floor, mind started coming up with the worst case scenarios!! Then my mom called right after with the same news. Needless to say, I freaked out a little. I called Jimmy, left work at 3:00pm and he meet me at home. I called the local hospital- she wasn't there. I called her grandpa back, she had been transported to Asheville Mission St. Joeseph ER. So they bypassed two capable local hospitals to go to Mission. Ok, more freaking out. Off to NC, we went.
So we get there around 5:30 or so. It was such relief to see her. No, she had not been ejected, though apparently rolled her vehicle. Which is bad enough. She was wearing a seat belt, thankfully.
So with God's divine hand on that child, she came out with nary a scratch or broken bone! Just a severe case of whiplash. She was discharged. I gave my child a huge hug. Jimmy and I headed back home. We got home super late. 
So I got my shift covered for Tuesday(actually Michele got it covered for me). Jimmy and I slept in. Then we went to Jimmy's doctors appt about his hip.
Thursday, Jimmy went to work, and I went to the Forums at work. Meet up with my friend Melinda and we ran a quick 5 miler. My TNCC class has been rescheduled as well.
Friday, I slummed. Read the entire book, Friendship Bread. A very heartwarming story. Then fixed a pot of Chili'. One of my favorite meals!! I was waiting on my Mom and Dad, nieces and nephew to come over from NC.  They arrived LATE! We slept late, then we all went to Market Square. It did not fare well with my Dad. He just couldn't walk it. So we came home and hung around. They left around 6:00pm.
I was craving fried rice, so Jimmy and I went to get chinese takeout. So we rented Life of Pi and ate Chinese before going to bed. Chey was babysitting, while Minnie hung out with her friend across the road. On into Sunday,  we slept in again. Ashley called around 10:00 am, on her way over. We hung out at home and did a little yard work,  while visiting with her.  She had gotten a new car on friday! Sweet. It is a Ford Fusion, 2012 model. It handles well. So she spent the day with us, before heading back to NC.