Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The goal is to be healthy and fit. Which is a very vague statement! Because what does it mean to be fit and healthy? What does it take? There are alot of theories out there regarding what it takes. Multiple diets and multiple fitness regimens. I have some theories of my own.

I have never had major weight issues, but I have the serious potential to have major issues! I have always been one to eat what I want as long as I did it in moderation. But as I get older, it is harder for me to stay at the weight that I feel comfortable at.

Youth is wasted on the unwise. I say this, because I really should have took better care of my body when I was younger. Been more health conscious with what I ate and my physical activity. It would have been so much easier to train my muscles for ROCK Hardness!!!

I grew up in a family that did not make that a priority. With Mom and Dad working long hours 6 days a week. Dinner was usually fast and easy. Although, my sister and I would sometimes eat dinner with my Grandma and Papa T. Let me tell you, it sure was Good Southern fare!

And  Excercise....Oh Please! So after I had my babies and not being happy with my post-baby figure, I started with inconsistent work outs. It began with the occasional work outs at 0600 Dennis Austin work outs on Lifetime. Then I proceded to walking, slimfast and Lean Cuisine meals. Now, I have ran several 5k's, 1/2 and full marathons. Plus done the P90X exercises ~ I, however, am not as chiseled as I want to be.

Back to the Question: How do you become and stay healthy and fit? It is Very Very Frustrating...............
My theories are: MODERATION!!, Try to drink LOTS of Water, lots of fruits and veggies, 1600 calorie daily, DECREASE all processed food consumption.

So on my journey I go....to learn the best of my ability how to stay healthy and fit!!